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Westworld Season 1 Episode 10
So what is the message of the show? Humans are bad and genocide shall set us free. So of course there is no mystery to consciousness, it is all just the physical brain. Except free will requires a supernatural force if thoughts are deterministic. Oops! That's the truth the scriptwriters want you blind to.
Westworld Season 1 Episode 10
Hollywood antihumanism hits the dizzy heights this episode and like all propaganda it is incredibly shallow and turgid. Are the writers aware they are writing for a transhumanist globalist elite who wish for a new genocide greater than even their puppets Stalin, Mao et al, who they funded, could muster? Of course they are, they discuss it over orgies and devil worshipping parties or spirit cooking evenings. Enjoy you soulless fools
Very over-rated show. Casting is terrible in some cases and writing is often sub-par. There was a real opportunity to delve into the mysteries of consciousness and sentience yet all we get is psychobabble and a weak plantation/reservation allegory. Oh there is a cursory and patronizing nod given to the free will or determinism argument which great minds have written volumes on I guess. And with which characters am I supposed to empathize or am I supposed to just root for the anti-humanist robot