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Favorite Series

Stan Against Evil Season 1 Episode 1
well not so good, sort of funny but not well done.
Westworld Season 1 Episode 5
Amazing as usual as we go further down the rabbit hole.
The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1
Lame, A bunch of mistakes got us to this point. Skipped 80% of the episode cause it's just bad.
Westworld Season 1 Episode 4
another amazing episode!
Black Mirror
Lacks the bite of previous sci-fi shows and replaces it with more drama. CGI when used is excellent. Appreciate the technology scares and misuse however it is more towards damning technology instead of celebrating it.
Black Mirror Season 2 Episode 1
Brutally deep and sad but very well done!
Quarry Season 1 Episode 7
oh, sh11111t getting better all the time.
Drunk History Season 4 Episode 4
seems links or video is broken on all of them
Quarry Season 1 Episode 1
Seems like a good start to a classic hitman series. It's a little dry/slow but good over all
Designated Survivor
A Progressive Liberal love fest that is a waste of air time. Three episodes in and they are really off base and full of crap about what really goes on in the world. Sorry I had to redo this review given the show only get worse.
Designated Survivor
Drama drama drama no action....
Timeless (2016)
A great idea, poorly executed. Seems racial, lacks depth, not well done but cold get better with other episodes.
Marvel's Luke Cage
It's okay. Not Great but not bad. At times the writing is pretty bad and some things that just do not make sense. Kinda cheesy in some parts as well. It is worth a watch for Marvel or Comic book fans.
Overall well done. Solid acting and they deliver on what is passable as flawed AI. A solid 9 out of 10 looking forward to the rest of the series.